About Us

NBS Displays designs, engineers and manufactures quality custom retail point-of-sale displays and quality store fixtures Focusing on Creative practical design along with value engineering and function, NBS successfully creates unique and exciting retail environments using an array of materials- Plastics, Wood substrates (Hi and Low pressure laminates, lumber ), Metals (wire- sheet metal- tubing) and printing of graphics. Throughout the years, NBS has become internationally recognized as a reliable supplier of Custom Displays (Semi and Permanent) and Store Fixtures.

NBS specializes in all types of Manufacturing

Plastic Fabrication, Wood Fabrication, Wire- Sheet Metal and Tubular Fabrication, Injection Molding, Vacuum Forming, Extrusions, Graphics, Logistics and Installations.

Total Quality and Customer Satisfaction 

NBS Displays focuses on producing quality products and customer satisfaction. Creative / practical design, value engineering, and manufacturing expertise allows us to produce cost effective, impactful displays and fixtures at competitive pricing since 1995.

In House Resources /Domestic 

Designers, engineers, production and sales professionals, model makers, content labor force along with manufacturing machinery and equipment for the fabrication of Plastics, Wire, Tubing, Sheet Metal, Wood.

Overseas Resources 
20 plus years working with our global partners in China, Taiwan, India, Poland

Manufacturing Expertise 

Auto-CAD Design and Engineering
Injection Molding
Vacuum Forming
Wire, Sheet Metal, Tubular Fabrication
Plastic’s fabrication – CNC- Laser-Casting
Wood substrates- Hi and Low pressure laminates- lumber
Digital Printing
Experience and Expertise
NBS works hand in hand with the marketing, branding, and sales objectives of our client's products and services. NBS clients include Bloomingdales, Macy's, Safeway, Elizabeth Arden, Claire’s Stores, Glaceau, and many more.

Custom Designs /Value Engineering
NBS designers and engineers have created thousands of solutions. In house designers and engineers use Auto CAD software to bring thought in to reality which enables you to see your Custom Display or Fixture before production begins.